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We can do the following:
    • B-BBEE Consultation
    • B-BBEE Verification
    • B-BBEE Training
    • Optimising every B-BBEE Element
Employment Equity

Every organisation with 50 or more employees or with an annual turnover of between R2mil and R15mil, depending on your industry, is required by law to compile an Employment Equity Plan as well as report on the implementation of this plan. Penalties of up to R500 000 can be incurred if you fail to comply with the Employment Equity Act. Employment Equity is not the same as BBBEE in that woman, people of colour and people with disabilities fall under this law as designated employees.
Skills Development Levies

Skills development levies are paid by every company with an annual payroll of R500 000.00 or more.
If your company falls in this category you pay 1% of your annual payroll towards skills development levies.
The levies are collected by SARS and paid over to relevant SEctor Education and Training Authority (SETA).
The core business of your company determines the SETA you are associated with.
QSE & EME certificates

you can obtain your certificate with just a few simple steps

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