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Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
We understand that B-BBEE is not the easiest piece of legislation to comply with; it is very often a complex and emotional endeavour. Your business is personal; you worked hard to get it where it is now. It is our business to provide you with solutions for every B-BBEE element; to minimise costs and optimise reward within the parameters of the Act.
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All verifications are done by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)
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Our Philosophy to B-BBEE
When a country’s economy grows it brings with it opportunities for the rich and the poor. We understand the intention behind the B-BBEE Act, and we are excited about the good it brings, as long as it benefits your organisation and ultimately the economy.

We study the B-BBEE Act, Codes of Good practice and Sector charters in order to optimise your return on investment. Our aim is to find the most efficient Ownership strategy for your organisation, Enterprise Development partners that will add value to your organisation and Skills Development initiatives that enhance your employees and your score.
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XSEVEN has been involved in compliance consulting for more than five years; we have developed a very efficient model to assist our clients with their B-BBEE.
  • Through consultation and our vast network of B-BBEE service providers we will optimise each of your scorecard elements.

  • Our systematic and comprehensive documentation of your evidence ensures maximum scores during verification.

  • We facilitate the verification process saving you time and resources, yet ensuring every bit of evidence is considered and scored accordingly.
The Act makes provision for many different approaches to ownership; we will assist you to choose and implement the best ownership solution for your organisation.
Below are some examples of possible ownership solutions and relevant areas we will consider and focus on in consultation;
Employee ownership schemes:
  • Determine the ownership percentage that will be distributed, this depends on the B-BBEE score you want to obtain.
  • Choose the beneficiaries, the race and gender distribution of beneficiaries will affect your ownership score.
  • Agreements and documentations must comply with the requirements in the Codes of Good practice to receive recognition for ownership scheme.
  • Unencumbered shares; a certain percentage of the shares held by the ownership scheme needs to be unencumbered to ensure scores on the Net Value sections of the Ownership score.
Availing Shares to an Individual or Black owned organisation;
Find respectable partners with a business reputation and work ethic that will add value to your organisation.
Shareholder agreements; should be developed in a manner that is flexible enough to accommodate future changes in the B-BBEE Act and Codes of good practice. We have seen several changes over the years calling for different ownership structures. If you went through the process of distributing ownership you want to know it is going to hold its value both today and in the future

Multinational organisations
Multinational organisations can currently participate in Equity Equivalent Programmes if they meet certain criteria. This will change from 1 April 2015, as under the new codes ownership for multinational organisations will be measured exactly the same as any South African organisation.

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Organisations score points for Black people and Black woman on board level, on all management levels and Black employees with disabilities.
We can assist you to determine the targets you have to reach to obtain maximum points on this element and to developing Employment Equity plans to achieve these targets.
Appointments on these levels are the prerogative of the organisation, and should be done to the benefit of the operations and productivity of the organisations.

Success in this element is directly linked to the time spent to plan, and the effort made ensuring that the plan is executed. If managed properly Skills Development can provide organisations with a fairly inexpensive 20 points on their scorecard.
Before an organisation can qualify for any points under this element they have to comply with the relevant Skills Development legislations by submitting the Workplace Skills Plan Annual Training Report, Pivotal Plan and Pivotal Report for the measured financial year before 30 April. We have a division that specialises in Skills Development that can assist you with the above.

Training is the main element of Skills Development We have forged a partnerships with an accredited training provider who can assist with all B-BBEE related Skills Development.

Learnership Management
Learnerships are one of the best ways to obtain points for this element as it provides scores under several sections of the Skills Development scorecard. It also has the added benefit that the salary of the learner can be calculated as Skills Development spend.
Learnerships are available in every sector and can range from secretarial and administrative learnerships to artisan learnerships. We will liaise with our accredited training partners to assist you with choosing and implementing the learnerships that will best suit your organisation.
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Preferential procurement looks at the B-BBEE recognition levels of your suppliers to determine your B-BBEE procurement spend. Our approach to this element includes the following:
  • Identify all your current suppliers that are already on one of the various B-BBEE data bases.

  • Contact each of your suppliers that are not on the B-BBEE data base to request their B-BBEE certificate

  • We often assist our client’s current suppliers to obtain a B-BBEE certificate especially those with a turnover of less than R10Mil to obtain an EME certificate.

  • Our vast network of Black owned procurement services can assist you to optimise your preferential procurement as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development

All the information gathered from suppliers and your detailed creditors ledger is captured into our Preferential Procurement tool that will calculate your exact Preferential Procurement Score.
Enterprise and Supplier Development equip Black owned businesses to contribute more effectively to the economy and improve service delivery to their clients. We have two very successful and exciting projects to assist you with your Enterprise and Supplier Development
Mutually Beneficial Skills Development
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Training Unlimited is one of our partners they are accredited training providers, with a vast range of accredited and non-accredited training courses, this includes IT, First Aid, Business Skills and Personal Development.

We offer
our clients the opportunity to send the same number of their own employees on the courses they procure for their Enterprise and Supplier Development Partners, without any additional costs.

E.g. if you pay for five employees from an Enterprise or Supplier Development partner to attend an Excel Intermediate course, at your premises, you can send five of your employees on the same course on the same day, terms and conditions apply
Black Woman Empowerment Initiatives:
In partnership with you we assist Black woman to start enterprises that will deliver a service that will be beneficial to your organisation. An example of such an enterprise is VMA Procurement Services a Black woman owned organisation that provides procurement services that has the added value of optimising Preferential Procurement recognition and early payment recognition for Supplier Development.


Under the current Act 75% of Socio-economic Development beneficiaries must be Black for B-BBEE, the new act requires 100%. Finding Socio-economic Development
beneficiaries are easy; finding beneficiaries that will provide you with all the needed documentations could prove to be more of a problem.
We only use respectable Socio-economic Development partners with a proven track record who will provide you with the following documentation:

      • Official letter of appreciation
      • ID documents of all beneficiaries proving they are Black for B-BBEE
      • Signed registers confirming receipt or attendance
      • NPO and PBO documentation

Baeketsi Development Services is one of your Socio-economic Development partners with an outstanding Employability Enhancement Program. Post matric work seekers undergo a three day training program where they are equipped with the skills needed to navigate the challenging and ever changing world of job hunting.

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If you prefer not to make use of our B-BBEE consulting services we will gladly assist you to find an IRBA accredited verifier who will do your verification efficiently and cost effectively.

Our only involvement would be to ensure your evidence is presented in the best possible way and to ensure you receive points where it is due.

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