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The Act makes provision for many different approaches to ownership; we will assist you to choose and implement the best ownership solution for your organisation.

Below are some examples of possible ownership solutions and relevant areas we will consider and focus on in consultation;

Employee ownership schemes:
  • Determine the ownership percentage that will be distributed, this depends on the B-BBEE score you want to obtain.
  • Choose the beneficiaries, the race and gender distribution of beneficiaries will affect your ownership score.
  • Agreements and documentations must comply with the requirements in the Codes of Good practice to receive recognition for ownership scheme.
  • Unencumbered shares; a certain percentage of the shares held by the ownership scheme needs to be unencumbered to ensure scores on the Net Value sections of the Ownership score.
Availing Shares to an Individual or Black owned organisation;
  • Find respectable partners with a business reputation and work ethic that will add value to your organisation.
  • Shareholder agreements; should be developed in a manner that is flexible enough to accommodate future changes in the B-BBEE Act and Codes of good practice. We have seen several changes over the years calling for different ownership structures. If you went through the process of distributing ownership you want to know it is going to hold its value both today and in the future
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Multinational organisations
Multinational organisations can currently participate in Equity Equivalent Programmes if they meet certain criteria. This will change from 1 April 2015, as under the new codes ownership for multinational organisations will be measured exactly the same as any South African organisation
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